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Shiny Recylced PET Stamps

Shiny Recylced rPET Stamps

rPET Recycled Stamps

(Shiny PET Recycle Self-Inking Printy Stamps, your choice of 4 sizes)

The rPET Eco-line is a completely clear self-inking stamp and offers up to 4 sizes. This stamp has thousands of initial impressions and it is re-inkable. By purchasing just one stamp you have helped save 3 water bottles from being put into a landfill. With environmental threats and degradation such as deforestation in mind, Shiny has introduced a series of products using 75% post consumer recycled material that pack with recycled fiber in its ECO Line.

Questions or comments call us at 800-969-6699 or email us at sales@RubberStampsRUs.com

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rPET-842 Shiny Self Inking Stamp
Imprint size, 9/16"x1-1/2", allowing up to 3 lines of text

rPET-843 Shiny Self Inking Stamp
Imprint size; 1-7/8"x3/4", allowing up to 3 lines of text

rPET-844 Shiny Self Inking Stamp
Imprint size; 7/8"x2-3/8", allowing up to 4 lines of text

rPET-845 Shiny Self Inking Stamp
Imprint size; 1"x2-3/4", allowing up to 5 lines of text

rPET-845 Shiny Self Inking Stamp
Imprint size; 1-1/16"x2-9/16", allowing up to 6 lines of text