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What’s the Difference Between Self-Inking and Pre-Inked Stamps

What is the difference between Self-Inking, Gel Pre-Inked and Flash Pre-Inked Stamps?

A Self-Inking Stamp is simply a rubber stamp placed in a spring-loaded stamp body which rotates to an internal ink pad after each use. Self-Inking stamps are fast, clean, easy-to-use stamps ideal for rapid, repetitive stamping.

Your Choice of Custom Self-Inking Stamps

HITT Marking Devices manufactures and distributes a wide selection of custom and stock Self-Inking Stamps;
Cosco 2000 Plus, Comet, Justrite, Shiny and the Trodat Printy.

Gel Pre-Inked Stamps deliver thousands of clean, crisp imprints without the use of a stamp pad. The ink is actually held in tiny, microporous cavities in the letters themselves. Just press and the ink is released for a perfect impression, time after time. Gel Pre-Inked Stamps won’t dry out or evaporate and the mount adjusts for lighter and darker impressions.

Flash Pre-Inked Stamps offers high-quality impressions long before re-inking is needed. Available in a variety of sizes from small to extra large, they feature a premium, soft-touch handle and an advanced re-inking system that is simple and mess-free.

Your Choice of Custom Pre-Inked Stamps

HITT Marking Devices manufactures and distributes a wide selection of custom and stock Pre-Inked Stamps;
XL2 MaxLight Pre-Inked Stamp, X MaxLight Pre-Inked Stamp, PSI Slim Pre-Inked Stamp, Alpha Pre-Inked Stamp, Xstamper, Insta-Mark, Royal Mark, ULTIMARK and the UV Pre-Inked Stamps.



The self inking stamp is a little more economical, but the pre-inked stamp, while more expensive, offers thousands more impressions without re-inking, and the impressions are super crisp and clean. Pre-Inked stamps are considered to be the top quality stamp and provide a solid, crisp impression. While the self-inking stamp offer a super great impression, and at an economical lower price. Either stamp is going to be a sure win for the buck and are backed with a lifetime warranty, so you really can not loose with either stamp.

We offer the complete line in both the self-inking and pre-inked stamps. All can be easily customized, so p
lease let us know what type of custom Self-Inking or Pre-Inked stamp you desire and we will be happy to assist you with your request.

Questions or comments call us at 800-969-6699 or email us at sales@RubberStampsRUs.com